Tip 10: The Truth About Home Staging Credentials

by debra on June 3, 2018

Here’s what most companies don’t want you to know. The home staging industry is not regulated, which means there isn’t a governing body that issues “certifications”, “accreditations” or any other official credential.

I’ve been a home stager since 2002 and teaching students since 2005. I have always been dead set against the practice of offering fake credentials or preying on your fear of not being seen as a legitimate home stager.

The “accreditations” and “certifications” you see offered were simply invented by these companies as a marketing gimmick. So in your search for home staging training, please don’t get caught up in the credentials you’ll receive, thinking these will be some guarantee of success.

Your primary focus should be on the credibility of the trainer, the reputation of the company, and the skills you will learn.

Do you think the program you are considering will help you be more successful because of what they are teaching? Have they given you any opportunity to sample the quality of what they offer?

You should look for staging courses that are taught by someone who has successfully grown their own staging business.

If a person has only taught, and has never actually run the business, they are teaching you unproven techniques.

Worse yet, there are many trainers who started teaching because they couldn’t make a go of it as home stagers.

Ask yourself a few questions.

Is it a reputable company?

Are there lots of student testimonials available for you to view, and do they seem real? If there are only initials, no photos, and there’s no way to check them out, that’s a red flag.

Beware of fake media appearances

Has the company or trainer been mentioned by the media, indicating that they are a recognized expert?

Beware of a group of media logos with the “as seen on” heading and NO evidence that they’ve actually been featured.

Sadly, there are a couple of major companies using this misleading technique.

Learn more about Staging Diva in the media.

You should want to learn from a leader in the field, not someone who just decided out of the blue to offer training and make you their guinea pig.

It’s also not a good idea to take a program that will spend most of the time teaching about the design aspect of staging.

There really are only so many ways you can arrange a living room, the challenge is making a living doing it.

I’ve had plenty of students take my program after taking those other staging courses (some have even taught them).

They come to Staging Diva because they’re totally frustrated because they still don’t know how to make money as a home stager.

When you’re investigating courses (if your intention goes beyond doing this a hobby), you should be most interested in whether they’ll teach you how to get your business started and how to grow it into a successful enterprise.

Within two years of starting my home staging company, Six Elements Inc., I was making up to $10,000 a month in fees. Because of my experience and long track record as a stager, I share proven ways to grow a staging business, so that you can be successful too.

Now you may be thinking, but I still want a certificate to prove I took a course.

That’s OK, I understand that desire. Beyond the real business knowledge I have to teach you, I will provide a certificate by mail and a grad badge to use in your marketing materials. And these are just as official as anything you’ll get anywhere else.

The difference here is I’m not pretending this is something it’s not. Plus, I teach you how to have confidence and credibility as a home stager in your own right, without feeling like you need the Staging Diva name to prop you up.

What To Do Next

Friend, the truth is you can call yourself a professional home stager without taking anyone’s courses.​​​​​​

The question is, do you know what to do to launch your staging business and get customers? Will you know what to charge them and how to get paid?

While we’ve covered a lot of ground together over the past few weeks, I have so much left to teach you to fast forward your success.

I would be honored if you’d let me show you what I’ve learned over all these years of running a staging business and teaching thousands of students.

The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program will give you everything you need to turn your talent into a creatively satisfying and profitable business.

You’ll literally have a step-by-step blueprint to follow so you save time and energy and avoid costly mistakes.

Best regards,

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva
President, Voice of Possibility Group Inc.

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