Tip 3: Where You’ll Find Your Home Staging Clients

by debra on June 11, 2018

Whenever I tell people I’m a home stager, most will say, “oh you must do a lot of work with real estate agents.” That’s not really surprising because it’s the most obvious assumption.

And, since most home staging courses are taught by people who have never had a successful staging business like I have, they teach their students to focus on agents— simply because they don’t know any better.

In fact, 90% of home stagers chase the same group of real estate agents, often with unsatisfying results. I don’t want you to fall into this same trap.

There are actually 4 key “target markets” for home stagers and Realtors represent only one of these.

Here are the 4 groups that you’ll want to target in your marketing efforts:

  • Home sellers
  • Real estate agents
  • The media
  • Builders and renovators

So don’t “put all your eggs in one basket,” especially when there is so much opportunity beyond Realtors. Interestingly, as awareness for home staging grows because of articles and tv shows, more and more home sellers hire a stager even before they’ve listed with an agent.

Spend some time looking at each of the target markets I listed above, and think about how you could tell these people about your home staging business. For example, here’s an article I wrote with 5 tips to get media attention for your staging business.

If you need more help, I spend 2 hours just talking about marketing and how to attract each of these four groups, what messages to use, and how to reach them in Course 4 of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program.

By the way, in my 5-course program, you’ll even learn how to get home sellers coming to you asking for your services. There will be no need to cold call anyone or run around doing f’ree estimates when you follow the step-by-step business model laid out in my program.

Best regards,

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva
President, Voice of Possibility Group Inc.

P.S. Staging Diva Grad Susan Atwell shares how she got 25 projects from one builder here.

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